API integration step-by-step

We like to keep things simple, so our integration process is designed to give you access to all the tools and help you to build and launch our payroll integration APIs.


Register to get full access to the Developer Hub and its tools. You’ll be given a secret key, your own sample accounts and tools to help you build your integrations. You can explore and play without this but will need to register to gain access to the sandbox environment.

Explore, play & develop

The getting started guide will tell you all you need to know to have a simple test up and running in minutes, and if you want to move on quicker there's examples of how to use the payroll integration API for common payroll tasks.

Using the sandbox environment, the unique test accounts provided (as well as any you create yourself) and the full reference documentation, you'll be able to build and test your integrations in no time at all!


We want your project to be a success, so our relationship managers will work with your designated contact to explain our on-boarding process, understand your business plans and how we can best help you. They’ll also help support you in adding more developer accounts to your hub.

Your relationship manager will help explain how we will work together. This will include a mutual agreement (that we both sign), which provides for a strong, supportive relationship, including how we help with testing, customer rollout, ongoing development and customer servicing.


We know that adding new features to software takes careful planning that’s why we also provide you with guidance on how best to build the user experience in your software to show data errors and other messages our API returns. We will also work with you to create robust development, test and launch plans. Our work to-date with software companies has helped us identify those points where a bit of extra planning saves a lot of time.

We can also work with you to promote your new integration and help turn it into a strong selling-point.



Once the plans and contracts are done and dusted, it's time to launch. We'll give you a live security key so your customers can use their payroll directly with The People's Pension. You'll be able to see your live keys and sandbox keys in the Developer Hub.

Great customer service is important to us, and our relationship managers will still be on-hand to support you. We have a dedicated API support team to handle queries you may have, and we'll keep you up-to-date with regular newsletters and system updates.