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The People’s Pension is the UK’s largest private-sector automatic enrolment pension scheme. We’re a not-for-profit organisation backed by over 30 years’ experience in pensions and tens of thousands of businesses and millions of members have chosen us.

The People’s Pension has produced this Developer Hub to make it easy to deploy our APIs to seamlessly exchange employee data with us. This contains everything that you and your developer colleagues need to know and use to get up and running swiftly.

Here's what one of our alpha partners said:
"Integrating our payroll software with The People's Pension was simple and straightforward. The Developer Hub gave us all the information we needed and the API design was logical and comprehensive. Integration took just two weeks from start to finish, including testing. We give The People's Pension 10 out of 10!”
Ross Webster – IT Director at BrightPay & Thesaurus Software

How our payroll solution can help

We like to keep it simple, so that your customers can do all they need to do from within your payroll software. They can:

Easily set up

Bring the details of their scheme with The People's Pension into their payroll and ensure it's kept up to date

Manage opt-outs

Receive opt-out information from The People's Pension and apply at the start of their payroll process

Click and submit

Submit their employee data and pension contributions to The People's Pension at the click of a button

All the time they can be sure that their data is secure as it’s kept within your payroll software, which can talk directly to The People's Pension.

Why use our Developer Hub?

We're delivering everything payroll software developers, analysts, product owners and commercial owners need to swiftly and successfully engage with The People’s Pension’s Payroll Integration API.

For your business we provide:

  • Proposition, process and developer journey overviews and detailed guidance.
  • Deployment guidance, marketing and commercial needs.
  • Access to a relationship manager to help you plan for success.

And for developers:

  • API documentation, guides and code samples.
  • Security management, a testing environment, and accompanying diagnostic and performance analysis tools.
  • Test data pre-built into the sandbox so you can get up and running as quick as possible.
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