Test data

Payroll Integration API sandbox test data


The Payroll Integration API sandbox is set up with a set of sample admin accounts that can be used when testing out your application’s interactions with the API. They have been created to provide coverage of the different Pay Reference Period (PRP) frequencies, but we don’t try to provide examples of every possible combination of account set up parameters.

When you access the API without authentication you can use the account numbers listed below. Once you have registered for a developer account and you are accessing the API with authentication, you’ll have your own set of account numbers for these accounts that are private to you and can be used to test operations that send data to us for processing. We’ll let you know what these account numbers are during the registration process. Please remember: Any data uploaded to the B&CE sandbox testing environment must not be traceable to any living individual.

Here is a summary of the accounts that are provided:

Account Id Account Name Description
855969 Franecki Group Weekly Weekly PRP frequency
859763 Hauck-Stracke Weekly Weekly PRP frequency, Monthly payroll
840834 Reynolds PLC Fortnightly Fortnightly PRP frequency
802618 Hermann Keebler Ltd Four Weekly Four-Weekly PRP frequency; net pay arrangement
813032 Durgan Group Monthly Monthly PRP frequency

“Franecki Group Weekly”: Weekly PRP Account

“Franecki Group Weekly” has a weekly PRP frequency and operates tax relief at source. The account has two worker groups, and there is one employee who has opted out of the scheme.

“Hauck-Stracke Weekly”: Weekly PRP Account, Monthly Payroll

“Hauck-Stracke Weekly” has a weekly PRP frequency with a monthly payroll. It operates tax relief at source and has a single worker group. No employees have opted out of the scheme.

“Reynolds PLC Fortnightly”: Fortnightly PRP Account

“Reynolds PLC Fortnightly” has a fortnightly PRP frequency and operates tax relief at source. This account has a worker group with increasing contributions over a three-year period, represented with appropriate start and end dates. The account also has two employees who have opted out.

“Hermann Keebler Ltd Four Weekly”: Four-Weekly PRP Account

“Hermann Keebler Ltd Four Weekly” has a four-weekly PRP frequency and uses the net pay arrangement. The account has a single worker group and no employees have opted out of the scheme.

“Durgan Group Monthly”: Monthly Account

“Durgan Group Monthly” has a monthly PRP frequency and operates tax relief at source. It has three worker groups and four employees who have opted out of the scheme.