Payroll software developers

We can help you build simple solutions for people who run your software. So, the power to cure pension-related payroll headaches will soon be in your hands.

We know that people who run payrolls want the minimum of fuss and the reassurance that their employee data is safe - no more uploading data files. Our aim is to help you make that one-click, secure system a reality.

Why use our Developer Hub?

We're delivering everything payroll software developers, analysts, product owners and commercial owners need to swiftly and successfully engage with The People’s Pension’s Payroll Integration API.

For your business we provide:

  • Proposition, process and developer journey overviews and detailed guidance.
  • Deployment guidance, marketing and commercial needs.
  • Access to a relationship manager to help you plan for success.

And for developers:

  • API documentation, guides and code samples.
  • Security management, a testing environment, and accompanying diagnostic and performance analysis tools.
  • Test data pre-built into the sandbox so you can get up and running as quick as possible.

Key features of The People’s Pension Payroll Integration API

OAuth security

Uses the popular OAuth protocol to securely transfer valuable employee data.

System agnostic

Works with most payroll software.

Direct scheme config

Use our API to get pension scheme information into your payroll.

One-click opt-outs

Opt-outs can be presented automatically for a one-click confirmation.

Zero uploads

Employee data and pension contributions can be sent in just a click, so no time lost in file uploads.

Ease of development

Uses industry standard technologies and coding practices to aid rapid development.

Here's what one of our alpha partners said:

“Developing API integration with The People's Pension into our payroll software was simple and straightforward. The People's Pension Developer Hub – and all its documents and guides – gave us everything we needed. We had no need to go back and ask lots of questions, and any direct communication we did have with the support team was fast and fluid. The API design was logical and comprehensive, and we were up and running much more quickly than we anticipated – it took just 2 weeks from start to finish, including testing. We give The People's Pension 10 out of 10!”

Ross Webster – IT Director at BrightPay & Thesaurus Software